VIP clients have high expectations. VIP Service Training for Corporate Flight Attendants equips you with everything you need to meet these expectations and prepare you for a career as a professional flight attendant in private and business aviation.

You will learn in a real-to-life environment participating in practical exercises in the world’s first full motion business jet cabin simulators. After completing this course, you will be fully prepared for a role in private and business aviation, your professional experience will be enhanced, and you will be ready to deliver inflight service on board a business jet. This is as real as it gets!


In this course, participants aspiring to work in private and business aviation will be introduced to new skills, tools and resources to work successfully on board a private or business jet.

After an introduction to corporate aviation, you will learn about how to manage your own aircraft both in the air and on the ground, galley and cabin management, in-flight service management, catering and food management, housekeeping, budgeting, cultural etiquette and service protocol, and the necessary hospitality skills to deliver exceptional service. You will also learn about cabin trends and latest concepts, along with personal branding and marketing, designed to enhance your professional image and set you apart in this high-profile industry.

Under the guidance of highly experienced facilitators, both theoretical and practical training will be supported by realistic scenarios, appropriate to corporate aviation. Training will be conducted in real-to-life environments including our business jet cabin simulators and fully supplied stock room.


Upon completion of this training course in Private and Business Flight Attendant VIP Service Training, participants will be able to:

  • Provide an explanation of the current private and business aviation industry
  • Describe the different corporate aircraft types and operations available
  • Describe the duties and responsibilities of a corporate flight attendant
  • Manage an aircraft inventory budget
  • Manage and maintain the inventory of a Fixed Based Operator’s stockroom
  • Describe the principles of service
  • Explain the food and beverage relationship between crew and clients
  • Demonstrate effective catering management, food safety and hygiene practices
  • Demonstrate effective service preparation techniques including menu creation
  • Demonstrate the different forms of service required on private or business aircraft
  • Demonstrate an understanding of food and beverage product knowledge and presentation
  • Demonstrate effective galley management
  • Explain techniques for cleaning, handling and storing utensils
  • Demonstrate effective cabin management
  • Demonstrate the skills, knowledge and attitudes required to perform cabin housekeeping at the elite level required on board a private or business aircraft including interior detail and cleaning
  • Understand the importance of establishing a strong relationship with the owner/operator with regard to cabin housekeeping expectations
  • Demonstrate effective cabin presentation including making a bed, decorating a table and general knowledge of the care of flowers
  • Demonstrate an understanding of cultural awareness, VIP service etiquette and protocol
  • Explain the latest service trends, cabin technology and concepts
  • Present a professional image


There are no prerequisites for this course. Participants must have basic literacy and numeracy skills.


Delivery: The course is delivered at Dynamic Advanced Training, Dubai South, in both classroom and simulated environments.
Duration: Three days
Suitability: Pilots and Cabin Crew, with a focus on private and business aviation. Commercial Cabin Crew. Staff required to work onboard a private or business jet aircraft.
Recognition and Accreditation: All participants who complete the course receive a certificate of completion issued by Dynamic Advanced Training.