The aircraft environment is unique. Working at high altitude can bring many risks and dangers to aircrew. Decompression and Hypoxia Awareness Training is designed to provide aircrew with an understanding of the risks working at altitude can bring, develop the skills to identify these risks, and how to manage themselves, passengers, and the cabin environment, in a decompression or hypoxic situation. There is good evidence to indicate that such training works and saves lives.

During Decompression and Hypoxia Awareness Training you will learn about aircraft pressurization, decompression, hypoxia and other altitude related conditions, oxygen equipment and systems on board, appropriate treatment and response. You will learn how to respond effectively in a decompression or hypoxic situation. Several case studies will also be examined.

Our training facilities incorporate state-of-the art environmental effects, equipment and training scenarios to help you react intuitively and effectively in a life-threatening decompression or hypoxic situation. To imitate reality as closely as possible, you will train in a simulator configured to replicate the aircraft you fly in, and use equipment that replicates actual hypoxic conditions.

Research has shown that hypoxia-trained aircrew recognised symptoms in themselves, or in others, and took corrective actions. Through hypoxia simulated altitude training, you will safely experience the effects of hypoxia. Dynamic Advanced Training uses a technologically advanced reduced oxygen training system to simulate 25,000 ft altitude sessions in a safe, convenient and effective way to train and familiarise aircrew, with the objective physiological and cognitive effects of hypoxia. You will experience your own individual ‘time of useful consciousness’ and subjective hypoxic symptoms, without risks of barotrauma or decompression sickness. This will increase recognition and awareness of hypoxia at altitude, and so prevent or reduce hypoxia related incidents and accidents.

Decompression and Hypoxia Awareness Training covers all subjects and regulatory requirements set by the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA).

Upon completion of this training course in Advanced Decompression and Hypoxia Awareness Training, participants will be able to:

  • Explain why aircraft are pressurized
  • Identify the different types of decompression
  • Explain the causes of cabin decompression
  • Define the time of useful consciousness
  • Demonstrate and describe procedures for handling a cabin decompression
  • Describe the different types of oxygen equipment and systems on board aircraft
  • Demonstrate the use of an oxygen bottle
  • Describe the physiological effects of cabin decompression and flying at high altitude
  • Experience and identify your own ‘time of useful consciousness’

Participants must have basic literacy and numeracy skills.

Participants will be required to perform exercises simulating high altitude conditions and must be physically fit to do so. Please inform Dynamic Advanced Training of any physical conditions that may affect the ability to perform such exercises.

Delivery: The course is delivered at Dynamic Advanced Training, Dubai South, in both classroom and simulated environments.
Duration: Half-day
Suitability: Cabin Crew and Pilots, with a focus on private and business aviation.
Recognition and Accreditation: All participants who complete the course receive a certificate of completion issued by Dynamic Advanced Training.