Gulfstream G550 Evacuation Crewmember Training

Certification requirements established by the regulatory authorities have mandated that an additional evacuation crewmember as well as a passenger briefing is required on the G550 aircraft for all flights with ten (10) or more passengers regardless of the type of operation.

The evacuation crewmember must be trained to prepare people for an emergency evacuation through all aircraft exits, including the elliptical over-wing exits. This includes instruction on re-seating passengers for a more efficient evacuation and the use of alternative exits. The evacuation crewmember does not have to perform any other flight attendant duties. Flight deck crew are not permitted to perform this function.

G550 evacuation crewmember training is an annual requirement to maintain currency. Recurrent training has fewer hands-on requirements and includes a review of initial training content along with a written examination.

Opening and exiting through the G550 over-wing exit is only required every 24 months.


Upon completion of this training course in Gulfstream G550 Evacuation Crewmember Training, participants will be able to (As suggested by Gulfstream):

  • Explain the authority of the pilot in command.
  • Define crewmember assignments, functions, and responsibilities during evacuation of persons who may need the assistance of another person to move expeditiously to an exit in an emergency.
  • Conduct a passenger briefing.
  • Demonstrate the location and operation of all normal and emergency exits and related equipment.
  • Apply seating of persons who may need assistance of another person to move rapidly to an exit in an emergency as prescribed by the operator’s operations manual.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the recommended, configuration specific, method for evacuating through the Gulfstream elliptical exits and procedures for directing passenger flow.

No specific requirements.

Delivery: This course is delivered at Dynamic Advanced Training, Dubai South, in both classroom and simulated environments.

Duration: 2 hours

Suitability: This course is ideal for aircraft owner, mechanics, frequent flyers, and family members, to help them prepare for an unexpected emergency aircraft evacuation.

Recognition and Accreditation: A Certificate of Completion will be provided upon successful completion of the course.

Price: USD 300.00 per person

Note: Evacuation crewmember training does not replace the annual required FAA 135.331 training for professional flight deck and cabin crew. Cabin crew who complete FAA approved 135.331 Safety and Emergency Procedures Training are qualified to perform the G550 evacuation crewmember training function as well.