Safety & Emergency Procedures (SEP/ESET) – recurrent

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In this course, participants will cover all the generic safety training modules as required by the Regulator. Theoretical knowledge and practical skills in both normal and emergency situations will be refreshed including, Safety & Emergency Procedures (SEP), Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Aviation Regulations, normal procedures, emergency procedures, passenger handling and crowd control in emergency situations, emergency equipment, aircraft types and door/exit operation.

Participants will also cover Survival Training and Wet Drills, Dangerous Goods in accordance with ICAO Technical Instructions, Aviation Security, fire and smoke drills, decompression, Pilot Incapacitation, Aviation First Aid, Crew Resource Management and Human Factors. Emphasis will be placed on non-technical skills including communication, team-work, situational awareness and decision making.

Both theoretical and practical training will be supported by realistic scenarios in real-to-life training environments including our full-flight cabin simulators. Our focus on scenario-based training will impart the necessary knowledge and expertise to ensure the highest standards of cabin safety.

Training programs and equipment are GCAA approved and EASA and FAA compliant.

For Cabin Crew - Both Commercial Aircraft and Business Jets, course duration is 3 days including First Aid, or 2 days without.

For Pilots - Both Commercial Aircraft and Business Jets, course duration is 2 days including First Aid, or 1 day without.

All participants who complete the course will receive a certificate of completion and training record issued by Dynamic Advanced Training.

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